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Synetiq Ltd.

Issued: 14 February 2015

 Thank you for your interest in participating in our neuromarketing research (hereinafter referred to as “Research”). We want to make sure that you understand the conditions under which we may choose you to be a tester.

Your consent is required in order to participate in the Research conducted by Synetiq Ltd. (registered address: H-1056 Budapest, Iranyi utca 3. III. floor, Hungary) or by any of its subsidiary (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Synetiq”).


The objective of the Research is to record and analyze Tester’s responses to research stimuli. 


You agree to read the terms and conditions and all necessary documents provided by Synetiq before the test to familiarize yourself with the process and regulations of the testing, and to follow the written and/or verbal instructions for the test. You also agree to inform Synetiq immediately if you experience any problem with the test devices or the testing platform.

You agree that during the testing you are not under the effect of alcohol or drugs, and you follow Synetiq’s instructions to prepare for the testing. 

You agree that during the research you might use your computer, phone or any other device capable of running the application indicated by Synetiq. Synetiq does not take any responsibility for damages occurred to your device.

Research devices (e.g. sensors) provided for the testing by Synetiq are the exclusive properties of Synetiq. You must not sell or willfully damage them. In case of damaged, lost or stolen devices, you agree to inform Synetiq immediately and compensate for the damage by paying the equivalent of the purchase price of the device to Synetiq via bank transfer or PayPal.

You agree that you will participate in the research according to your best knowledge and you will not compromise the testing by disregarding device setup instructions or testing instructions.

A testing can be regarded as completed when the testing software or in the case of Lab testing, the researcher explicitly states so.

Taking into consideration your registration data, Synetiq may select you for Lab testing or for Home testing. The following conditions apply for the two types of testing. 

A. Lab testing

Synetiq might invite you to participate in a Lab test at a given time and place (hereinafter referred to as “Lab”). If you decide to accept the invitation by confirming your participation to Synetiq, you might be able to choose the exact time of participation in advance. By accepting the invitation you undertake to show up in the Lab in the time for testing, or contact Synetiq to cancel the appointment.

The testing is conducted by Synetiq’s researchers (“Researchers”), who organize the testing, communicate with Testers, and give research instructions.

You agree to follow all research-related instructions. You are allowed to terminate your participation at any time by informing the Researchers about the terminated testing and handing over the devices to the Researchers. However, at this instance your test can not be regarded as completed. 

B. Home testing

Synetiq might invite you to participate in a Home test that will be open for participation for a limited period of time. When you accept the invitation by confirming your participation to Synetiq, you undertake to complete the testing in the allocated time or contact Synetiq to cancel the Home testing and return the devices. By accepting the invitation you also undertake that your environment is suitable for testing.

You will receive devices and directions at your mailing address. Please carefully review the instructions every time you receive devices, since directions can change from test to test.

During the testing material will be presented on your electronic device.

You are responsible for having access to all of the following equipment needed to participate in our Research:

  1. A private and secured DSL or higher speed broadband Internet connection. You should not use a public network or an unsecure network during the testing;
  2. A personal, non-commercial PC (running Windows XP or higher) or Mac (Mac OS X 10.7 or higher) computer with at least 1 GB RAM, 0.5 GB available RAM, and 5 GB of free disk space, for purposes of clarity, you should not use a publicly available computer or shared computer for testing.
  3. A fully operational headphone or earphone
  4. A fully operational USB or built-in headset microphone;
  5. A fully operational USB or built-in webcam.

You will be asked to wear the devices (sensors) provided by Synetiq as indicated in the setup instructions. During the test your attention should be undivided, please try not to engage in activities not related to the Research while watching the videos being tested.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, you agree to return the devices to Synetiq at the end of the predefined time interval or upon the specific request of Synetiq.

You understand that failure to meet these conditions may compromise your testing status. 


By agreeing to these Terms you declare that you are giving your consent to participate in Synetiq’s Research and Synetiq’s right to use the data recorded as per the privacy policy chapter of the Terms. You declare that you are participating in the Research by your free will and you are aware that you are allowed to terminate your participation at any time, although in that case the test will not be regarded as completed.

To participate in the Research, you agree that you are enrolling for yourself, and you warrant that you are of the age of majority in the state in which you reside (typically, 18 years or older).

You agree that you are not entitled to receive financial compensation for your participation, but upon agreement Synetiq might offer incentives for participation.

You agree that Synetiq can take photos and/or record videos during the Research. 


You are acting as an independent contractor for Synetiq. Nothing in these Terms will be construed to make you an agent, employee or legal representative of Synetiq. You will not be entitled to any benefits and you are solely responsible for your taxes.

You will be asked to provide information about yourself (“Tester Information”). You declare that the Tester Information that you provide to Synetiq will be accurate and complete. You agree to provide Synetiq promptly with any applicable updates to the Tester Information. 


Synetiq’s clients for which you are providing testing services shall be considered third-party beneficiaries of these Terms to the extent that any act or omission by you causes any damage or liability to any such client, and such client shall have the right to enforce any provision of these Terms. 


You must answer truthfully the questions asked by Synetiq about your medical condition. You may stop any test at any time and you should definitely do so if you feel pain, dizziness, fatigue, breathlessness or any other uncomfortable condition. 


Any information provided, including any kind of personal data, will be recorded, stored and processed in a secure way, in accordance with the respective laws and regulations of the European Union (95/46/EC directive) and Hungary.

Data collection is conducted by Synetiq Ltd., a company registered under the laws of Hungary (with its registered office at: H-1056 Budapest, Hungary, Iranyi utca 3. III. floor, registered at the court of Registry in Budapest under number: 01-09-194128). Personal data will not be sold or otherwise transferred to third parties, but Synetiq may use third parties to aid data processing, and insights derived from a groups of testers will be shared with clients of Synetiq. Data will only be processed and shared in an anonymized form. 


The information, with specific focus on all kinds of audiovisual contents that may be provided to you as part of the Research is strictly confidential and by agreeing to these terms, you agree to hold all such information confidential. In some cases, clients of Synetiq may also ask you to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with them. They are, however, third party beneficiaries to these Terms which means that they may enforce this confidentiality obligation against you directly. You agree to keep in absolute confidence and not to disclose or discuss with anyone about the following information:

  • about the Research,
  • any content that you are testing, have tested, or will test,
  • Synetiq’s clients and contractors. 


These Terms shall be governed by the laws of Hungary. You hereby consent to the sole jurisdiction of the ordinary courts of Hungary for the resolution of any dispute arising out of or related to these Terms.

Synetiq reserves the right to discontinue the Research at any time or otherwise make changes to the services at any time and without liability to you.

Synetiq may provide notices to you via online and offline channels, via email or via any other means of communication for which you have provided contact information.

Questions, comments and requests in relation to these Terms should be sent to support@synetiq.net.

If you agree with the present terms and conditions and would like to be added to our list of testers, then please click the “Agree” button below. You cannot participate in any research conducted by Synetiq if you do not agree with the terms and conditions presented above.

If you agree that Synetiq can use the photos and videos taken during the Research for online and offline marketing purposes, please click the “Agree” button below. Editing of these photos and videos is allowed as long as the result is provably not malicious compared to the original photos / videos. Photo, video, and sound recording copyrights belong to Synetiq and/or the photographer.

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